Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Paris-Your Dream in Color

You’ve read an enticing article, roamed the Internet travel sites, day-dreamed about sipping a café crème along with the locals at a sidewalk cafe in a setting straight out of a movie. You take a breath and book yourself on a Paris tour, and the dream begins. This has been the recurring story of many of my tour members who travel with me each year.

The Tuileries Garden showcases the entrance to the Louvre
The Parc de Monceau provides a haven set in timeless beauty
 In 2004 I created Paris du Jour and began offering Paris tours designed especially for women. I had the idea that women would love to meet other women in their culture, up close and personal, to get a glimpse of what it's like to live in France. With the small group concept, women can join the group with friends or travel solo to experience a fabulous week together. Not only Paris sights but amazing dinners with fabulous Bordeaux wines and champagne lunches served  in private homes are unique pleasures of all Paris du Jour itineraries.

In 1998 my son had started a travel business in Paris. So what's a mom to do but check out the city where her only son now called home.  At first I spent many short trips getting acquainted with this new city. I walked meandering tiny rues, getting lost and finding my way again, but always thrilled with what I discovered along the way. I sipped copious cups of Paris coffee, and each little bistro or brasserie became my new favorite. I indulged in afternoon patisserie stops, walked shaded paths in lush garden parks and felt humbled by such gorgeous architecture everywhere.

Paris is Paris, unique in the world and claimed by many as their favorite spot on the planet. With such an alluring reputation, Paris opens her arms every year to thousands of travelers who revel in her magic.  I fell in love with the city too, and I couldn't wait to share it with others. Because of the many people I had met and the world I had discovered, I decided to bring others with me to discover their Paris and meet gracious hosts who would welcome them into their world. My passion for Paris had to be shared.  Paris du Jour was born.

In two weeks another small group of women will arrive in Paris with anticipation of their adventure too. Some for the first time, some returning to the call of the city again. One of my June travelers put it this way. While sitting at her desk, listening to the January ice hit against her office window, she escaped for a minute to the internet, dreaming of Paris.  She found Paris du Jour, read the June 2012 tour itinerary and called me. In June over a lovely dinner in a charming Paris restaurant, she shared her story and simply said...”I am living my dream.”
Fountains and gardens and artful statues-Paris perfection