Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Introducing the Amuse Bouche!

Planning a dinner party for friends inspires creativity and the desire to offer something special to your guests. Introducing a new culinary experience can spice up the fun. The French like to begin the meal by offering the amuse bouche.
def: \a-'myuz bush\ [Fr. amuse the mouth] Defined as a small bite before the meal begins, the amuse bouche often delights both the mouth and the eyes as well. 
While in Paris I had been inspired by friends who prepared delicious dinners and offered the amuse bouche in a variety of presentations. The choices seemed endless. I just had to treat my friends to the same experience. I purchased several sets of petits verres, small glasses used especially for serving the amuse bouche. The styles varied from simple to sleek, clear to colored, striped or dotted. It was just as much fun selecting the petite serving spoons that would be the second surprise for my guests.

 The holiday season was the perfect time to include this item on my dinner menu. I prepared creamed soups topped with minced chives or gazpacho drizzled with vodka cream or a layering of boiled baby shrimp with minced crabmeat and a touch of spicy cocktail sauce. The new offering received rave reviews! Even my gentlemen dinner guests did not seem to mind the elegant but smaller serving portion, and they used those cute little spoons with cautious flare. Guests were delighted with the presentation and this new dining experience…..Just another way to share the culture of my French friends.

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